There was a great time of peace. The major kingdoms of the world had formed an unbeatable alliance – The Lionguard Lineage. It was an incredible alliance that spread the values of equality, honor, wealth, and goodness across the land. It was led by Lord Gellantara – King of the Lionguard Lineage and Ruler of the lands that were influenced by their reach. Unfortunately the Kings Sister – Lady Magella - was a dabbler in dark magic and gave in to its power. She became jealous of the power that Gellantara had. So she offered her body to the God of Tyranny and Sin Asmodeus. This granted her an incredible power in the dark arts, but also opened up a portal for the demons of Asmodeus, and the god himself to enter our plane of existence. They had one mission upon arriving. Kill. As the forces of Tyranny arrived to the gates of Lion's Keep to destroy what Gellantara had created and kill everyone in Faggot, Magella persuaded Asmodeus to possess her with himself and spare her brother. Asmodeus agreed to this as long as he could cast a curse upon Lord Gellantara. The curse would cause Gellantara's body to slowly decay, but never let him die. Magella agreed.

200 years later Faggot has drastically changed. Lord Gellantara has become a shattered version of what he was, and the Lionguard Lineage is fractured into dishevelled pieces. 

Magella now has taken hold of the eastern region of Faggot and named herself Queen Magella of the Shadow Mountains – she has enslaved the niggins (goblins) and developed for her the Nigeliot towers – a destructive and incredible fortress that fly her banner of darkness. 

The Elves have taken hold in the northeast, holding the lines against the shadow mountains. 

The Dwarves fled to Mount Kazzakrad, also known as Forgehold. 

The Vikings live just below Kazzakrad in the storm bay. The vikings find valor and pleasure in taking on the forces of the Maelstrom. 

Gondar is whats left of the Lionguard Lineage. But it is holding on by a string due to the neglectful rule of our decaying Lord Gellantara. 

In the Badlands of the far south lies the rebels, a mix match of races, classes and professions – they are a shy band of rebels that want more than anything to destroy Queen Magella but they lack the leadership, support, and resources – their greatest need is a leader. They tame the dragons of the south to defend themselves in their land of chaos and anarchy behind the Worlds Scar – a great cavern of death filled with monsters.

This is Faggot. A world tainted by tragedy and filled with broken pieces. Despite this, it is a world waiting for hope and potential, waiting for someone to remind the world.. that broken pieces can always be put back together.

The Nigeliot Towers