Queen Magella

Queen of the Shadow Mountains, Conduit of Tyranny




Sister of Lord Gellantara. Was jealous of her brothers success and power as the King of the Lionguard Lineage. Due to jealousy, smite, and anger she drove herself into the dark arts, only to one day summon a portal to the darkness in the form of a giant maelstrom. This allowed the Dark Pantheon to enter the plane of Faggot. The god who came through was Asmodeus – God of Tyranny and Sin. Through him, Magella brought waste to the strenght of the Lionguard LIneage and allowed darkness to flood the land. Before Asmodeus could completely purge the land of humanity, Magella convinced him to possess her, giving her immense power. In return, Asmodeus was allowed to cast a curse on Lord Gellantara, causing his body to decay forever but never letting him die.

Queen Magella

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