Lord Gellantara

King of the Lionguard Lineage




Gellantara created the Lionguard Lineage. United the major kingdoms of Faggot to create a world of peace and prosperity for all. This was destroyed by his envious sister Magella who dabbled with the dark arts and opened the Faggot plane for the dark pantheon to enter. Gellantara is a fracture of who he was. He is now cursed by the god of tyranny and sin – Asmodeus. The curse causes his body to decay but never die. Gellantara neglects his people and refuses to lead, yet he won’t give up his power. Gallantara was a noble and fearless leader who led the world to unity and peace, now he is a broken and disheveled leader with nothing to offer the world.

Lord Gellantara

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